What Is Shea Butter And How Is It Used for Hair Care Benefits

What Is Shea Butter And How It Is Extracted?
Shea butter is extracted form the Shea butter nuts that contain high amount of fatty acids. They grow on the Shea-kerite tree that grows only in the tropics of Africa. Traditionally, Shea butter was extracted in three steps cracking, grilling and pounding. The nuts were 1st pounded and then boiled in the clean water until the Shea butter rose to the upper surface from where it was scooped and left to cool. But with the advent of latest technology, it is extracted easily with help of latest machines. Shea butter is well known for its benefits for hair care and for this, it is also used in many hair care products.

How Shea Butter Helps Hair?
Shea butter is rich source of minerals, vitamins, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it is used to solve many hair problems. The anti-inflammatory properties of Shea butter help to heal the damage and infection of the scalp. The same properties work wonders against the dandruff affected hair. If your hair is damaged due to coloring, use of styling products, and pollution, then Shea butter can come to rescue your hair. Due to its moisturizing properties it can be use as a good conditioner for the damaged and brittle hair. Not only this, it also works as a shield cover to lock the moisture within the hair. Shea Butter not only works for dry hair, it also helps the normal and greasy hair in many ways. Bellow are some of the uses of Shea butter for all types of hair.

Shea butter is the mainstay for many cosmetic products, either as one of the primary ingredients or as the main one. People good in making essential oils can make whipped Shea butter, a natural moisturizer to suit individual hair and scalp requirement, using a dose of Shea butter and some natural oils. For those who want to use it without too many combinations, make sure you get the raw or unrefined one.
Shea Butter For Dry Hair
Massage a little amount of Shea butter on your clean scalp and damp hair after shampoo. The scalp and the hair should be clean when you use it. Wrap a hot towel on your hair for around 20-30 minutes. Then remove the towel. comb and style your hair as you like. You will feel a new life in your hair.

Shea Butter For Normal To Greasy Hair
Melt some amount of Shea butter and mix it with olive oil in the ratio of 1:1/2. For example if you take 1 tsp of Shea butter, then take ½ tsp of olive oil. Now stir the mixture well and massage it thoroughly on your hair.

Shea butter is expensive in its original form, so don’t get misguided into purchasing one that is not the real thing. While buying Shea butter products, make sure you pick them up from a reputed brand. It is advisable to buy it in small quantities; this way one won’t have to worry about it getting stale or rancid. Use it for hair regularly, and watch your hair get back its natural shine.


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