How To Use Olive Oil for Hair Treatment in 8 Easy Steps

For centuries Olive oil has been the top priority when it comes to using oil for Hair Treatment. It is extracted from the fruits of olive-tree and is rich in healing and cosmetic properties. Olive oil is not used for hair care purpose only, but it has lots of benefits for our general health too.

When used properly, this oil reduces the cholesterol and treats the disease like gastritis very effectively. It is equally beneficial for skin and is used in many skin care products around the globe. Olive oil has the ability to hydrate your skin while making it soft and supple.

Why You Should Use Olive Oil For Your Hair.

It is seen that in ancient times Olive oil was used for cosmetics purpose in different parts of the world. Egyptians were the ones who used this oil for hair care and skin care purpose.

Olive oil has lots of benefits for the hair care. If you don’t know already, have a look at the 6 key benefits of olive oil for your hair.

It benefits your hair in many ways. It works as a great conditioner and improves the texture of your hair while preventing its dryness. Olive oil is ideal for unmanageable, dry and damaged hair. It puts frizzles out of your hair and makes it soft, silky and shiny.

How To Use Olive Oil For Hair Treatment?

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E which has the ability to moisturize and nourish your hair from its roots. To use it for hair care purpose, always try to buy Extra virgin olive oil. This type of olive oil contains the most mineral and vitamins.


1. Take required amount of olive oil in a bowl according to your hair length. It should be kept at room temperature.

2. Before you apply, heat the oil for 20-30 seconds to make it lukewarm.

3. Brush or comb your hair to make a partition. Then apply the oil with help your fingertips in this partition. Beware not to touch nails in the scalp. Massage the hair roots with fingertips roots gently.

4. Now at a distance of an inch, make another partition and apply oil in the same way.

5. Keep doing this until you massage the entire scalp.

6. After the scalp is covered with layer of oil, apply the same oil on your hair.

7. Once you are done with massaging the scalp and hair, cover your head with hot towel. It will help the oil to get absorbed in the roots very effectively.

8. Leave this for an hour and then remove the hot towel and wash your head with mild shampoo.  For even better results, steam your hair before shampoo. Apply your favorite conditioner after shampooing.

So this was the proper method of using olive oil for hair care. This is also known as hot oil treatment. After shampooing your hair, you will notice significance change in the texture and look of the hair. Hair will be silky, shiny and healthy. This treatment can be done twice a week.


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