Oily Hair Care Tips – 9 Things You Must Follow


Taking care of your oily hair and oily scalp is not an easy job. You need to take a lot of attention to manage your condition. Oily scalp and greasy hair lead to many other hair problems. So in order to avoid such a situation, take good care of your oily hair. If you succeed to do so, you will be able to prevent many other problems like dandruff and hair loss.

Scalp becomes oily when sebaceous glands present in the scalp produce excessive sebum. Sebum or oil then start to recide through hair making it oily and greasy too. Oily hair attracts lots of dust and pollution that make it more prone to getting lots of hair problem. The first thing that you can do to manage your oily hair is to keep it clean and oil free. Here are the most important things that you must follow to deal with your oily hair.

1. Limit The Use Of Oils

As already stated, you have to keep your hair oil free, so try to avoid the use of any oil on your head. If for any reason, you have to apply oil, then limit the use to your hair only, not on the scalp. Oil on your scalp will only make your situation worse. Don’t leave the oil on your hair for whole night or longer period of time. Apply for shortest possible period of time.

2. Apply Shampoos And Conditioners Specific to Your Hair Type

Only use mild cleansing shampoos to wash your hair. Go for shampoos and conditioners that specifically created for oily hair only. Apply shampoo thoroughly to remove all the oil and grease off your hair. Rinse carefully and make it sure there is no any residue left in the hair.

If you need to condition, then condition your hair only. Avoid using conditioners on the scalp.

3. Choose Products Carefully

If you are using styling or other hair care products on your hair, make sure that all these products are suitable for your hair type. Avoid using heat generating products like hair dryers because heat stimulate the glands to produce even more sebum. Always try go for products that are non-sticky and contain no oils.

4. Wash Scalp No More Than Thrice a Week

Hair can be washed daily with plain water but scalp should be washed no more than thrice a week. make Use shampoos only twice or thrice a week.

5. Avoid Frequent Touching And Combing.

Don’t comb or run your hands on your hair too frequently as doing so will bring oil down to your hair from scalp.

6. Don’t Consume Oily And Greasy Foods.

It will have very negative effect on your oily hair

7. Rinse Hair With Vinegar After Condition

A rinse with vinegar post conditioning helps to control oil in your hair.

8. Keep Your Hair Covered.

Oily hair attracts lots of dust and pollution. To cope with it, try to keep your hair always covered when going out.

9. Apply Lemon Juice To Prevent Oily Hair Related Problems

Oily hair invites many other hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. You can use lemon juice to deal with them.  Read  5 Benefits Of Lemon Juice for Hair. Rub lemon juice on your hair and scalp with cotton ball. It will cure your dandruff problems quite effectively.

Only worrying about your problems will not solve your problems. These tips are proven and effective so follow them strictly. You will surely see much improvement with this.




  • Use of lemon juice does not make hairs grey??

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