Important Tips For Hair Regrowth In Women

Female hair loss is as common as the problem of hair loss in men, But the cases of women getting baldness are quite rare. Hence women do not require any hair transplant treatment which men commonly do. The most common causes of hair loss in women are hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, thyroid problem, aging and in some cases even heredity plays its role in shedding hair. Hair loss badly affects the confidence of a woman and hair regrowth helps them to regain their self-esteem all over again. First of all, one has to ascertain the reason behind hair fall. If it is related to health then one should talk to the doctor to cure the underlying problem. Subsequently, the treatments for hair regrowth should start. Following are some of the tips which have played an important role in the hair regrowth in women.

Take Vitamins On Regular Basis

You might have noticed or not that pregnant women have rich, thick beautiful hair during the time of pregnancy. This is because of the effect of prenatal vitamins which provide nourishment to the hair from within. Therefore, you need to have vitamins for hair growth regularly. Essential vitamins for hair regrowth for women are vitamin E, vitamin C and Vitamin B group including folic acid. All these vitamins not only help the hair to grow fast but also improves the overall quality of the hair health.

Make Use Of A Good Shampoo

Shampooing is a must for hair regrowth. But, the shampoo you use for hair regrowth should not contain any harmful chemicals like surfactants that are added to form lather. Before you buy any shampoo read the label carefully to find out if it contains chemical additives for color, fragrance etc. These chemicals can cause hair loss and hence any shampoo that contain these chemicals as ingredients should be avoided.

Improve Your Blood Circulation

One of the common reason behind the female hair loss is improper circulation of blood in the scalp. Therefore, in order to bring about some improvement in hair growth, you must improve the blood circulation to the scalp and hair roots. When roots of the hair do not have sufficient amount of blood, oxygen and nutrients supply then they will die and growth of hair will not be possible. The best way to maintain proper blood circulation is by keeping the scalp clean. Therefore, shampooing should be done thrice a week. Gentle massage of the scalp with plant-based oils also improve blood circulation.

Some other useful tips to be followed

Proper oiling of hair is very necessary for hair regrowth for women. When the hair gets dry, its growth gets slows down. Use olive oil for this purpose as it makes the hair silky. It is also helpful in trapping the moisture within the hair. So after application of hair moisturizer olive oil or any other plant-based oil, it will keep the hair moisture well protected and promote growth.

Shampoo your hair properly at least once a week with a good moisturizing shampoo that is designed specially for dry hair. This way, the residue build up of the scalp will be cleaned regularly. These buildup block the pores of the scalp and prevent the hair from further growth. Do not forget to condition with a good conditioner for dry hair after shampooing. Leave the conditioner on your hair for few minutes to obtain best results. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly and then apply moisturizer once again.

While sleeping, rubbing of hair with pillows can cause hair fall and prevent hair growth too. Therefore, cover your hair well with a scarf or wrap. It should be made of silk and not cotton because cotton tends to extract moisture from the hair. Moreover, silk keeps the natural oils of hair intact.

The process of hair regrowth for women will take some time to show results. You have to invest some time and effort for this purpose. Many women opt for the use of laser combs for the purpose of hair regrowth. However, it may not be able to help in permanent regrowth of hair. The best part about using natural treatments for hair regrowth is that it can give hair loss solutions without any adverse side effects.

Make Use of Hair Growth Products

If your hair loss doesn’t get controlled with these natural remedies,then you must use hair loss and hair growth products. With the advancement of technology and science, today many products have been created from the natural ingredients to cure hair loss and regrow new hair in the bald patches. Here is a short description of top two products that are very good for treating hair loss and growing hair in women.

1. Provillus for Women (Recommended)

Provillus for women is made to stop hair loss and grow in new hair in the bald areas of head. It is very effective to treat all types of hair loss including the Genetic ones. Provillis is created from the natural ingredients which have the ability to grow healthy hair from its roots.  Provillus Comes with 90 Days Money back guarantee.

Actual Results of Provillus for Women
Actual Results of Provillus for Women

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2. Groei 360

Groei 360 Is a non-sticky hair loss solution. Its does not contain any chemical drugs and is tested with no side effects. Its a spray bottle product that you have to apply directly in your hair. Its non-sticky so it will not affect your hair style negatively. It comes with 60 days money back guarantee.


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