How To Use Onion Juice To Stop Hair Loss And Stimulate Hair Growth

Do you know that Onion juice is a very popular remedy used to treat hair loss?. Onions not only help to stop the hair loss but they also stimulate the regrowth of  new hair.  

We all know that how much problematic it can be for someone who is going through the hair loss problem. It can break your social life and badly affects your overall  appearance.

If you are going through the problem of hair loss and very slow rate of hair growth, we advise you to try this onion juice remedy to cure your problem.

Don’t know how to use? Don’t worry because we are here to tell you how to use this effective onion juice remedy to treat hair loss and regrow your hair.

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How Does The Onion Juice Do So?

Onions are rich source of sulfur content. When applied to scalp, sulfur improves the blood circulation in the scalp and enhances the production of collages tissues which are very necessary for the hair growth.

The increased blood circulation in the scalp strengthen the hair follicles which in turn grow new hair that is healthier and thicker.

The sulfur content in onion juice is also antibacterial and anti-fungal. That means if your hair loss is due to any kind of fungal infections or bacterial attack, then sulfur will also treat both of those problems naturally.  Onion juice will get rid of your thinning hair and grows new thicker hair.


How To Make Onion Juice for Hair Loss

The making of onion juice for hair loss is very easy and simple process. You need to have either a food processor or a juicer machine.

Take required number of onions according to you hair length and peel them off. Now cut the onions into thin pieces and put them into your machine that you have. Run it to get the fresh onion juice.  

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How To Use Onion Juice

Onion juice can be used for hair treatment in different ways. The simplest way is to apply the juice directly on your hair and scalp. Leave for an hour and then rinse.

But for additional benefits, Onion juice is mixed with other ingredients too. Here are few tried and tested methods of onion juice hair fall rescue.


Simple Onion Remedy

  1. Take some amount of onion juice and apply it properly on your wet hair and scalp.
  2. Leave for an hour and wash with normal water.
  3. Shampoo next day.


  1. Chop an onion into small pieces. Put these chopped onion pieces in a bowl filled with water. Water should be enough to cover your hair.
  2. Now boil this water for some time.  
  3. Remove the water from stove and strain it using muslin cloth.
  4. Apply this onion water on your hair and scalp.
  5. Leave for an hour and wash off. Shampoo next day.


Onion With Hair Oils

This methods is carried out by mixing onion juice with any of your favorite oil. Olive oil and coconut oil are recommended most.

  1. Take the juice of one onion and mix it with your favorite oil in the same ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture first on the scalp and then onto the hair.
  3. Leave it for 2 hours and then rinse with shampoo.
  4. Repeat this process twice or thrice a month.

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Onion Juice Hair Mask

This method works as a hair mask in which you will need to mix onion juice with either aloe vera gel or egg white.

  1. Take the juice of one onion and mix it either with one egg white or with aloe vera gel in the same ratio.
  2. Mix well and apply onto the hair and scalp leaving for an hour.
  3. Rinse with shampoo and condition as usual.


Onion Juice and Honey

This method requires you to mix grated onion or juice of onion with honey.

  1. Take 3 tbsp of onion juice and 2 tbsp of honey.
  2. Mix well to form a uniform consistency.
  3. Apply thoroughly on your head and leave for 30-40 minutes.
  4. Wash with shampoo and repeat twice a month.


Onion Juice And Alum

  1. Take the juice of two onions and add some alum to it.
  2. Mix well and with the help of cotton pad, apply it on your scalp.
  3. When applied, wear shower cap and leave for overnight.
  4. In the morning, wash off with shampoo.
  5. Repeat this twice a month.


Onion Shampoo

In this method, your need to add onion to your regular shampoo.

  1. Chop an onion into thin pieces and put them in the bottle of your regular shampoo.
  2. Keep this shampoo bottle for 15 days and then begin to use this twice a week.


The methods we have shared above include the topical application of onion on your hair and scalp. In order to treat the problem from inside, you also need to add onion to you regular recipes at home. Consumption of onion orally is also necessary for your body and hair.


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