How To Make Pure And Virgin Coconut Oil At Home

how to make pure coconut oil at home


Coconut oil is being used for health and beauty benefits since ancient times. Today, it has become one of the most popular natural ingredient to be used in cosmetic products. Coconut oil is used to manufacture commercial products like soaps, detergents, oils and toners.

The health benefits of coconut oil includes cleansing of urinary tract, strengthening of muscles and improved cardiovascular system. For skin care, it treats wrinkles, heals wounds and burns and gets rid of dark circles. For hair care, it improves hair growth, stops hair fall and improves the texture of your hair.  

In short, coconut oil is a miracle ingredients that benefits your body in several ways.

In order to get those benefits, you need to use pure coconut oil. You can buy many brands of coconut oil from the market – but are you are sure about the purity of them?

If you are doubtful or not getting pure virgin form of coconut oil, then, the good news for you is that, you can make your own pure virgin coconut oil at your home. For this, you will have to get fresh coconuts.


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What is Virgin Coconut Oil and How to Make It At Home

Depending upon the ways of productions, coconut oil can be of different forms, like RBD, Fractionated, and virgin coconut oil. RBD and Fractionated forms of coconut oil  are largely made through complicated processes and are used for industrial and commercial purposes. They contain additives and you can’t make it at your home.

The form of coconut oil which is pure and contain all the properties of coconuts is the virgin coconut oil. It can be made at home too. Although, these days, many brands in the market claim to have extra virgin coconut oil, but again,  you can’t be 100% sure about what they claim.

To make the virgin coconut oil at home, you need fresh and mature coconuts. Either, buy them from the market or take them direct from the plants. The choice is yours.

Coconut oil can be prepared at home in various ways, but here,  we will be talking about the processes like natural fermentation, heating and cold pressing. All these three methods will give you 100% pure coconut oil, which you can then use for your beauty and health benefits.


Method 1. Natural Fermentation

  • To begin the process, you need to start with two or three fresh coconuts. Remove their husks and shells, and keep the coconut water aside, as you will need it later in the process.
  • Now take the coconut meat and grate it thoroughly. keep the grated meat in a net bag and press it too hard with the help of your palms in order to extract the coconut milk.
  • Dip the net bag in the coconut water and press it again to extract the remaining coconut milk.
  • Once done, take the coconut milk and water and store it in a transparent jar. Keep the jar at room temperature for 20 hours.
  • You will see that the water will be settling down at the bottom and oil will be floating above the water. Over the oil, there will be a layer of protein which is white in colour.
  • Remove the protein layer, and filter the mixture to separate the oil. It will be 100% pure virgin coconut oil which will be pale yellow in color.


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Method 2. Heating

  • Heating method is almost similar to the fermentation, except in the end, where you will be heating the coconut milk.
  • Extract the coconut milk in a way you did in the first method. Now heat the extracted coconut milk at low flame and keep stirring it in order to avoid burning.
  • When the milk is about to boil, it will turn thicker and slowly slowly, oil will begin to float over the mixture. Water will evaporate leaving the oil and mush behind. After sometime, filter it to separate the miracle oil.


Method 3. Cold Pressing

Cold pressing is a different method in which you will not need to extract the coconut milk. Heat is applied to dehydrate the coconut flesh.

  • Cut the coconut meat into small pieces and put them on a stove or into oven for toasting. When coconut pieces turn golden brown in color, take them out.
  • Now put the toasted coconut pieces into a multipurpose juicer in small batches. Run the machine now. 
  • You will get a cream from the one end and dry fiber from the other end of juicer.
  • Once your are done with the whole batch, collect all the cream and keep it in a container for few hours.  You will see that cream has settled down and oil is floating above it.
  • Filter it to get the pure virgin coconut oil.


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All three methods will give your pure virgin coconut oil. You need to go with the one you find easy and flexible. Try to make coconut oil in small quantities and use it within three months.



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