Homemade Olive Oil Conditioner For All Types Of Hair

Homemade olive oil conditioners are always preferred over the commercially sold ones conditioners. Since these conditioners are natural and pure from any chemicals, there are very low chances of any side effects. Sun exposure, pollution and use of chemical products can easily damage your hair, so to minimize that damage, hair experts recommend the use of conditioners, specially the natural ones. Although, you will find many branded and expensive conditioners in the market, but the use of homemade conditioner is always best to keep your hair healthy.

There are many types of homemade conditioners but the olive oil homemade conditioner is nice one to use. There are many benefits of using olive oil for your hair. It helps to strengthen hair roots. prevents split ends and reduces hair fall. It also stimulates the hair follicles and promote new hair growth. Here are given some olive oil conditioner recipes for specific hair types.

For Oily And Greasy Hair
When conditioning oily and greasy hair, make it sure that your hair does not become too oily. So take the amount of olive oil accordingly so that your hair does not become too oily after its application.

What you need is

Olive oil, ½ cup
Warm water, ½ cup
Aloe vera gel, ¼ cup
Coconut Milk
Essential oil of your choice, 4 to 5 drops


Take a medium-sized bowl and mix the coconut milk, olive oil, aloe vera gel and warm water. Add four to five drops of essential oil to this mixture. Now blend these ingredients together and test for the texture. If the mixture appears to be too thin, you can add two egg whites to it to get the desired consistency.

For Dry To Normal Hair
Dry hair easily get damaged and is more prone to split ends. Olive oil works great while managing the dry hair as it helps to lock the moisture within the scalp. Even the normal hair needs to be conditioned to keep its look healthy but dry needs it more. Here is the recipe of homemade olive oil conditioner that works for both dry and normal hair.
What you need is

Olive oil, ½ cup
Jojoba oil, ¼ cup
Avocado, ½
Honey, two to three tablespoons
Vitamin E oil, ¼ cup


Blend the avocado with honey to form a smooth mixture. Now add the olive oil, vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to this mixture and blend thoroughly. If you find that the mixture is too thick, then you can add a few tablespoons of milk to make it thinner.

These were the recipes of homemade olive conditioner for all types of hair. You can buy the required items easily from the market and them use them to make your desired conditioner at the comfort of your home.


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