Hillz Beauty Argan Oil Review – 5 Reasons To Include It In Your Beauty Kit

Have your ever heard about the argan oil? Well, if you haven’t – then you are missing on something that has gained lot of popularity in the beauty world in recent times.

Before we go into the detailed review of Hillz Beauty Argan Oil, let us know what is argan oil and why it’s popular that even the celebrities can’t stop themselves from using this miraculous oil.

What is Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most rare oil in the world that has its base in Morocco. It is because the Argan oil is taken from the fruit of argan tree that grows in very specific area of morocco. The oil is extracted from the seeds found inside the argan fruit. Due to the limited supply and high demand, the price of this miraculous oil remains higher.

The pure argan oil is multipurpose, non-greasy and contains high amount of vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is considered as one of the best natural moisturizer for hair and skin. After application, it quickly gets absorbed into the hair and skin – leaving them super soft and silky.

It keeps your skin well moisturized and maintains its elasticity – giving you a youthful look. It fades away the wrinkles and fine lines of face – leaving behind well nourished skin.

Hillz Beauty Argan Oil

Hillz beauty brings the 100% pure and organic argan oil to India imported directly from its base in Morocco. Hillz beauty argan oil offers the complete beauty solution for your whole body. It comes in transparent plastic bottle that is capable of fulfilling all your beauty needs.

Whether your hair is damaged or has become dull and lifeless due to the use of chemical based products or your skin has gone rough and has lost its sheen, hillz beauty argan oil has the solution to all such problems.

With the inclusion of single bottle of hillz beauty argan oil, you in-fact fill your beauty shelf with many skin and hair care products. Here we will discuss the 5 main reasons on why you should have it on your dressing table.

1. 100% Pure, Natural and Organic

Hillz Beauty is proud to offer 100% pure and organic argan oil in India. It doesn’t contain any kind of additives or scents. The pure form gives the complete richness properties without fear of side effects.

2. It’s a Multipurpose Thing

The pure argan oil is multipurpose and so is the Hillz beauty argan oil. The same oil is used on face, hair, skin and nails. You want a hair oil? Get the hillz beauty argan oil. You want an oil for skin? Get the hillz beauty argan oil. If your nails are brittles and got the cracked heels, get the same hillz beauty argan oil.

3. The Best Natural Full Body Moisturizer.

The beautiful skin and the gorgeous hair require a regular moisturizing routine – and that’s where the hillz beauty argan oil comes handy. The proper moisturizing routine is a must for healthy and youthful skin.

Dry, rough and damaged skin and hair lead to many problems. A dry hair is more prone to breakage and hair fall, while the well moisturized hair remains healthy from its roots. Same is the case with your face and skin. The hillz beauty argan oil keeps your both skin and hair well nourished and protect you from several issues.

4. Non-Sticky Solution

Most of the time when you use an oil on your skin or hair – it leaves a greasy effect behind. To avoid this problem, you usually make the use of oil before bath or a head wash. But with hillz beauty argan oil, you will not need to worry about such problem because HB argan oil is a complete non-sticky solution.

For deep conditioning and moisturizing benefits,  apply the oil directly on hair and skin for overnight and rinse in the morning. But you can apply this miraculous oil even after having a bath and head wash. Just after the wash, apply the oil on your hair – and it will work as a conditioner and hair styling product. Just after bath, apply the oil on your face or any part of your body – and it will work as a sunscreen and keep your skin well moisturized throughout the day.

5. Suitable For Every Type of Skin and Every Type of Hair.

Do you have oily skin? Are you suffering from greasy hair? No problem – as the HB argan oil suits even the most oily skin and greasy type of hair. Due to its non-sticky properties, argan oil quickly gets absorbed by the tissues and doesn’t leave any sign of oiliness behind. This can be used even by the persons having acne on oily face.

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