DIY Hair Spa Treatment At Home


Doing hair spa treatment at home is one of the best option to restore the shine and texture of your hair. When your hair gets dry, dull and lifeless, you think about going to fancy salons for the spa. But going there will cost you lots of money. The products used for hair spa treatment by the salons might contain chemicals that can also cause side effects on your hair. In such a case, At home hair spa treatment is the best and inexpensive option.

Homemade hair spa treatment is natural and the ingredients  you need for this are easily available in your kitchen. Here in this article we will discuss an easy hair spa treatment that will solve many of your hair problems quite effectively.

In order to perform hair spa treatment at the comfort of your home, you will need to make three things.

1. Hair Oil For Head Massage

2. Hair Mask For Making Scalp Healthy

3. Residue Rinser For Proper Cleansing Of Hair And Scalp.

1. How To Make Hair Oil

To make the hair oil for spa treatment, add some rosemary leaves in a half cup of olive oil. Now heat the mixture at low temperature and keep stirring it till it become warm. Now strain the rosemary leaves from oil. Oil need to be applied on hair when it is still warm.

2. How To Make Hair Mask For Spa Treatment?

The ingredients you’ll need for this are two eggs, some honey and few drops of castor oil. Take the two broken eggs in a bowl and beat them thoroughly. Now add some honey and few drops of castor oil to it. Blend the mixture well and your hair mask is ready to apply.

3. What Is Residue Rinser And How To Make It?

It is a rinser that is used to rinse the hair after shampoo to clean all the residue left behind in hair and scalp. You can easily make this rinser by adding two tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of each lemon juice and vinegar to the two cups of distilled water. Mix them well and your residue rinser is ready to use.

Performing Hair  Spa Treatment

Once you have created all the necessary things, now its time to use them for the spa treatment. The first step is to apply the hair oil that you just prepared. Apply the oil on your tresses and massage your scalp with fingertips for 10 minutes. Hair massage will improve blood circulation and bring back the natural shine of your hair. If you are facing hair fall and slow hair growth problems, this hair massage with solve all these problems.

Keep the oil for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with mild herbal shampoo that suits your hair type. Massage your scalp for five minutes with fingertips while shampooing and then wash with lukewarm water. Remember not to use hot water, it will lead to dryness in the scalp.

After washing, let the hair get dry naturally and then apply the mask that you have already prepared. Apply the mask thoroughly on the entire length of hair and cover your head with shower cap. Leave for an hour and then wash out the mask with the final residue rinser.

Residue rinser will clean your hair and scalp properly and will remove the residue and product build up. It will also give shining to your hair.

When the treatment is over, don’t use hair dryers to dry your hair. Rather, let it dry naturally. Always use wide teeth combs to comb your hair. After this treatment, you will notice a new life in your hair. Your hair will get super soft and you will feel a soft and silky touch.



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