Benefits and Uses Of Egg Yolk For Hair

All the women on the earth wish to have shiny, thicker and soft hair on their head, but these dreams get down when due to factors like sun exposure, dirt, pollution, use of hair dryers and chemical products hair gets damaged, dull and lifeless. Due to such factors , hair not only gets damaged but also its growth slows down and hair fall increases.

In order to overcome these problems, you need to nourish your hair well. One way to do so is by giving it protein treatment. Although, you can buy many products from market for this purpose, but the use of egg yolk is a great option that you do at the comfort of your home.

Egg yolk is rich source of protein and totally safe and natural as compared to other products available in the market. Apart from protein, egg yolk also contains Vitamins A, D and E, High amount of sulfur and fatty acids.

Egg yolk can work as a great natural conditioner for your hair and makes it super soft and silky.

So how can this egg yolk benefits your hair and how you can use it for hair care is all explained in this article.

Benefits Of Egg Yolk For Hair

  • When hair lacks moisture, it gets dry and rough. Egg yolk when applied on dry, rough and frizzy hair works as a natural moisturizer. It keeps the hair well hydrated which ultimately helps to keep the hair soft and smooth.
  • If your hair roots are weak, then use of egg yolk can be a good bet for you. Egg yolk also strengthens weak hair follicles and makes the hair roots stronger.
  • Egg yolk also maintains the natural shin of your hair with the help of its fatty acids components.
  • You can grow your hair faster by using egg yolk masks. Vitamin B12 and sulfur in it make hair grow at faster pace. With regular applications of egg yolks you will notice significance increase in the volume of your hair.
  • Vitamin A and E of egg yolk will help you to control your hair fall problem quite effectively.
  • The same nutrients in egg yolk will repair brittle and damaged hair easily.

How To Use Egg Yolk For Hair?

There are various ways to use egg yolk on your hair. Some of the best egg yolk treatments for hair are as follows. These are proven to work and solve many of your hair problems easily.

Egg Yolk And Yogurt Mask For Moisturizing Purpose.

This mask is ideal for you if your hair lacks moisture. To make this mask, you need one egg yolk, one teaspoon yogurt, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of almond oil. First beat an egg yolk and add all the ingredients to this.

Mix the solution well to form a uniform consistency. Now apply this thoroughly on the entire scalp and coat your hair with the layer of this mask. Wrap a shower cap on your head and leave for an hour. Wash off with plan water. If you find it difficult to remove it from your hair, then you can steam before washing.

This treatment will prevent your hair from getting dry and also repair damaged hair.

Egg Yolk Conditioner

This treatment is for conditioning purpose and is suitable for all types of hair. In this treatment, you need one avocado fruit and an egg yolk. First mash an avocado well and then add egg yolk to this. Now mix both thoroughly to get uniform mixture.

Before you apply this, shampoo your hair. Now apply this on your entire head and hair. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. This is natural conditioner and has great conditioning properties.

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Egg Yolk And Olive Oil For Treating Hair Loss

This method is effective to control hair loss problem. All you need is to take two egg yolks, two teaspoon olive oil and a cup of water. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a uniform solution.

First apply this on your scalp with fingertips and massage for 5 minutes so that nutrients get absorbed in the scalp skin. Then apply it on the entire length of your hair. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Shampoo other day. If you apply this regularly twice a week, you will see decrease in hair fall and increase n hair growth.

Follow these masks once or twice a week for few months for best results. You will see improvement in the texture and health of your hair very soon. Patience is the key. Problems are not going to be solved in a day. You must follow these treatments religiously for quite a good time.


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