8 Remarkable Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil For Skin & Hair

Almond is so beneficial for your health and everyone knows about this – But, do you know it gives us an oil too that can be used to make your hair & skin beautiful and gorgeous?

Almond has been very popular in Southeast Asia where it was first domesticated and the oil extracted from it was used to promote healthy and beautiful skin.

The almond oil is high in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and many other minerals. That’s the reason it’s believed to be so notorious for skin and hair.


But Why Sweet Almond Oil?

Almonds come with variants; bitter and sweet. The oil extracted from the bitter almonds is said to bitter almond oil while the one coming from the sweet almonds (edible) is sweet almond oil.

The bitter almond oil turns toxic upon processing. Although it can be used for medicinal purpose and some external application, it is always suggested not to use it because of its poisoning risk.

The almond oil we usually find in the market is sweet almond oil extracted from the edible almonds. Along with external applications, sweet almond oil is also used for culinary purposes.

Let’s see what hair and skin benefits we can get from this gift of nature – sweet almond oil.


It Gives you Smooth and Flawless Skin

When applied gently onto the skin, it gets absorbed quickly making it the best oil for skin. Due to its mild nature, this nature gifted oil is widely used even on the baby skin. It is considered the best infant oil for massage.

To increase its effectiveness, you can warm it a bit before application. It’s smell is nutty which is pleasant for many, but still you can mix some other fragrant essential oils like lavender for the additional pleasant smell.

Most of the skin care products claim their effectiveness based on Vitamin E. If you are the one looking for a really effective skin care product then your search should end here because of the richness of sweet almond oil in Vitamin E.


Removes Dark Circles and Tan

Sweet almond oil can be very effective if you are suffering from dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Take few drops of oil and massage gently in circular motion on the affected area and leave for overnight. Do this every night before going to bed and you will see a significant change in few weeks time.

For the patches and redness caused due to the sun exposure, apply this oil every day.

For the tan, mix few drops of sweet almond oil with one teaspoon of raw honey and few drops of lemon juice. Mix properly and apply on the areas of concern. Leave for an hour and rinse with water.


Eczema And Psoriasis Treatment

Eczema and Psoriasis can be caused due to many factors. Both the conditions leave your skin very dry and itchy. The skin seems to be broken which also makes a way for the bacterial and fungal infections.

To prevent the situation from getting worst, you can make use of sweet almond oil.  Almond oil moisturizes the dry skin and keeps it well hydrated which in turn keeps the chronic conditions in control.

Use the almond oil alone or mix it with other oils like Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax that forms a protective layer over the damaged and itchy skin. The combination of both will work wonders to treat both Eczema and Psoriasis.


Removes Wrinkles And Fine lines

Your skin looks younger when it is soft, supple and firm.  All of this is due to a layer of protein structure called Collagen. As we age, the collagen layer underneath the skin tends to become thin and uneven resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can’t deny aging, but you can surely do something for premature aging that is caused by factors like sun exposure, dehydration, bad eating habits and smoking.

You can have control over your aging process with the right lifestyle and use of right products. Almond oil is the one which can help you with this.

Since it is a rich source of vitamin E that is also considered to be the best antioxidant can repair your collagen layer to a greater extent. The proteins in the oil provide amino acids essential for the formation of collagen. The application of almond oil moisturizes your skin and thus helps to improve the elasticity of skin making it look youthful.


For Skin Rashes

Due to the constant rubbing against the hard materials,  skin may get inflamed resulting in the rashes. It’s common for the children as well as adults.

Rashes often lead to soreness and burning sensation which can be treated by applying ointments recommended by doctors. Use of sweet almond oil can be recommended as an alternative to such ointments.

The pure almond oil doesn’t contain chemicals so it will hardly irritate your skin. To use it, simply dip your two or three fingers in the oil and dab it onto the affected area. Rub for few minutes and leave for an hour. It is safe to use it even on the rashes of baby’s skin.

Cures Hair Loss

Like every human on earth, you too must be losing some of your hair every day. It’s of no concern if your hair loss is normal as the lost hair is replaced by the new one.

If the hair fall is massive and is caused by certain factors, then it can give you sleepless nights. The symptoms of heavy hair fall are the thinning of hair and showing of the visible scalp.

In order to control mild hair fall, you can use sweet almond oil just before going to bed. Warm few teaspoons of almond oil as per requirement and apply on your scalp. Rub it into the hair roots so that the oil gets absorbed quickly. It will also improve blood circulation resulting in the strengthening of hair follicles.


Get You Long And Healthy Hair

The sweet almond oil massage on scalp cures hair loss and speeds up hair growth while its application on tresses gives you the long and shiny hair.

The frequent use of shampoo and other hair care products can strip away the natural oil and shine of your hair which often leads to hair breakage and formation of split ends.

To cope with such situation, you can bring the sweet almond for help.

The best method is to apply the oil right after washing hair with gentle shampoo. Towel dry your hair after the shower. Take few drops of oil on your palms and rub through the entire length of hair.  It will work to condition your hair throughout the day. Use wide tooth comb after this.

It will give sheen and shine to your length making it soft and smooth.


Get healthy Nails

When you are deficient in minerals and vitamins, your nails tend to get thin and chip off easily. Almond oil gives what your nails need.

The zinc and vitamin B-complex and iron present in the almond oil play an important role to strengthen your nails.

Take one or two drops of warm almond oil and apply it on your nails. Now Rub it into the cuticles. Do this every day or on alternate days. It will strengthen and grow your nails thicker.

Sweet almond oil considered the best almond oil. It’s good for both hair and skin. While buying one, make sure you are going to the right one as the wrong one can affect negatively.



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