7 Tips To Grow Thiker And Longer Hair

Here is this article, there are suggested some of the best tips to make your hair thicker and beautiful. Follow them and see what difference they make to the texture and appearance of your hair.

Every man and woman want beautiful, thicker and shiny hair, but those people are very lucky who get the right information and follow it strictly and their hair becomes as beautiful and thicker as they desire. To make your hair beautiful and thicker, it is not necessary that you have to go to expensive saloons, buy costly hair care products or follow any other hair care treatments that require lots of your hard earned money and precious time. In fact, using too many chemical based products or passing your hair through any scientific procedure make it even worst, giving only temporary results and glory to your hair. Keeping all those things in mind, one should look for natural methods which are safe, affordable and easily doable even at the comfort of your home. bellow are some methods that are natural and affordable for solving all kinds of hair problems.

1. Massage Your Head At Least Once In A Week
Massaging your head weekly with the naturally occurring oils does a very good job in strengthening your hair in the long run. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and others herbal oils like horsetail herb for hair growth are very rich sources of minerals and vitamins which are very necessary in the nourishment and formation of the hair.

Massage not only help with hair problems, but it also helps in solving many scalp diseases. Massage help to regulate the blood flow of scalp and make it stronger for healthy hair growth.

2. Use Shampoos And Conditioners Regularly To Keep Your Clean
If your hair remains unclean and full of dirt, it will surely break, get thin and fall off in the end. In order to keep your hair safe, it is very necessary that you may wash it regularly to keep it neat and clean. It would be even better if you use shampoos and conditioners for this purpose. Use shampoos and conditioners which are based on natural herbs. Avoid those containing excessive amount chemicals.

3. Brush Your Hair Properly And Keep Timing It Regularly
Brushing your hair in proper way is as important as any other hair care treatment. Do not comb the hair when its still wet. Doing so makes the hair root weak. Let it get dry first naturally. Avoid using hair dryer to save time. The brush or comb should have wide teeth.

You should also trim your hair on regular basis to remove its split ends. Long hair get splits at the ends and it can split the whole length of hair if not cut at the right time.

4. Use Home Made Masks
Probably you might have heard about the home remedies for hair. Home made masks are the types of hair growth remedies which if used regularly can be very beneficial for the growth and beauty of your hair.

Such masks can be made at home easily from the common kitchen items and applied on the hair for some time. One of the common homemade hair masks is mad as follows.

“ Mix two egg yolks with a tablespoon of olive oil and honey each. Apply the mixture on you hair for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off. Repeating the application once in a week can do miracles for your hair.”

5. Avoid The Use Of Chemicals On Your Hair
Applying herbal oils on your hair is beneficial, but the use of chemical based products is harmful. Usually the products we use to make our hair look beautiful like dying and straightening contain harmful chemicals. It would be better if you stop or minimize the use of such products. Instead use natural oils.

6. Live Stress Free
Stress will have a very negative impact on your over all health. It does same with your hair too. Stress causes hormonal imbalance and affect blood circulation in the body, which in turn lower the performance of body organs. Worrying and getting extra stress does not solve any of our life problem, so always try to be optimistic Don’t worry about the things that are not in your hands. Avoid people and things which always lower your self steem and confidence, instead surround yourself with positive people who keep you motivated and encourage you to face new challenges.

7. Follow Right Diet Routine
Last but not the least tip is to eat right foods to grow your hair thicker. Hair is made up of protein, vitamins and other minerals, so eating foods containing those elements will greatly benefit your hair. Keep eating vegetables and fruits regularly. They are rich source of vitamins and proteins like B-complex, biotin and keratin.. Adopting healthy diet will have a positive effect on your general health too.



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