7 Best Natural Oils For Hair

A scalp and the hair massage is one of the best and easy way to accelerate the hair growth and stop the hair fall. You always have so many options to look after your hair, But oil massage is the way that provides proper nourishment and a risk-free method to ensure proper hair growth. Whatever the hair problems you are facing, oil massage has the capacity to solve your problem to some extent. For a proper hair massage, you need a great and best natural oil. Following are some of the best oils that are good at making the hair luster and beautiful.

1. Olive Oil (Best Oil For Hair Loss)
When it comes to natural oil for your hair, olive oil is the name that comes quickly in our mind. Olive oil is very famous for its properties to speed up the hair growth and Slow down the hair loss. This oil is a rich source of many important vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamins E and Vitamin B. You can get rid of bald pattern and regrow your lost hair by a daily massage with the olive oil. Vitamin E in the olive oil helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp. Olive oil is also used as a conditioner and moisture your hair very effectively.

2. Castor Oil (Very Nice For Dry Hair)
Castor oil is rich in Omega 9 Fatty acids which make it a good moisturizing hair oil. For this, Castor is considered as a good option in preventing the dryness in th scalp. Regular use of Castor oil will help you to get thicker and fuller hair in no time. It will also solve your thinning hair problem quite effectively. For the best results, you can mix Castor oil with almond oil in equal quantity. The combination of both is well known to regrow hair and stop the hair loss.

3. Rosemary Oil (Rich Source Of Antioxidants)
Rosemary oil is very essential for healthy and strong hair as it contains high concentration of antioxidants and other minerals. Its a miracle oil for stimulating the hair growth. Rosemary oil is rich source of Vitamin B, Iron and Calcium which work wonders in strengthening the brittle hair. It also helps to remove dandruff off the hair. It is often recommended for thinner hair and works great in penetrating deep into the hair follicles to stimulate the hair growth.

4. Coconut Oil (Great Natural Conditioner)
Like olive oil, coconut oil is also very popular for its benefits to hair. Its yet another oil that is very effective in making the hair growth faster and regular. Its an inexpensive way to look after your hair at home by massaging the coconut oil on your hair. Coconut oil is also considered as a cheap option for conditioning the hair naturally. A scalp massage with the coconut oil will stimulate hair growth and reduces hair fall at significant level.

5. Argan Oil (Rich Sourc Of Vitamin E)
Argan Oil is also rich source of many important mineral and vitamins and thus helps to cure many hair problems easily and effectively. Argan Oil contains high concentration of vitamin E and that’s why you see many hair care products labeling Argan oil as their main ingredient. Argan Oil contains carotenoids which helps to prevent hair loss and nourish damaged hair. This oil is being used by Moroccan for centuries as their main hair care product. You may have also come across a product named Moroccan Argan oil which is very famous for its benefits to hair around the world.

6. Avocado Oil (HIGH In Amino Aids)
Avocado oil contains hair vitamins that promote healthy and beautiful hair in the long run. It is also rich in amino acids which are capable of fighting against split ends and nourish hair follicles. The nutrients of the avocado oil make the hair silky and protect it from harmful environmental conditions. If you have a desire of seeing your hair silky and super soft, then a hair massage with avocado oil can do a good job. Avocado oil will also help you to get rid of the side effects caused as a result of using dying, perms and other chemical based hair care products.

7. Jojoba Oil (Good For Scalp Infections)
Jojoba oil is in-fact a liquid wax that is derived from the seeds of jojoba plant. Its famous for its moisturizing and emollient properties. Apart from hair care, this oil is also used for many skin care problems. A scalp massage with the jojoba oil will improve the blood circulation and thus will help to fasten the hair growth. Its also used as a conditioner for the dry and frizzy hair. The anti-fungal properties of jojobal oil help to remove dandruff and other infections of the scalp quite effectively. The moisturizing property of jojoba oil will make your hair look naturally beautiful.

The oils you read about above are very good in solving many of your hair problems , but you should remember that the results can not be achieved overnight. These oils are natural so they will take some time to show their positive effect. You should use these oils on the regular basis for quite some time for prominent and satisfactory results.


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