6 Hair Growth Home Remedies

Hair growth home remedies consist of several different methods carried out in your home that help to grow your hair naturally and safely. If you don’t want to purchase over the counter hair care products either because of the fear of side effects caused by harsh chemicals or your pocket doesn’t allow to you to do so, then use of home remedies is the best option for your proper hair growth. To have a beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of all the people including men and women, and for that you can use many shampoos and conditioners, but using some of the following home remedies will have a great impact on the health and look of your hair.

These simple hair growth home remedies not only help to grow you hair at faster rate, but also help your scalp to get stronger and prevent from further hair fall.

1. Using Amla For Hair Growth

For centuries, Amla is being used for hair are purpose. It makes the hair look beautiful and helps it to grow at significant rate. There are many ways to use amla for hair growth, but the most effective method is to use amla with coconut oil.

Mix 1 cup of amla oil to 1 cup of coconut oil. Now boil the mixture for some time and then let it cool down. Massage your hair and scalp with this oil every alternate day for 2 months. Keep the oil on your head for two hours and then shampoo as usual.

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2. Castor oil, Almond oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil Mixture.

Mixture of amla and coconut oils is not the only option to speed up your hair growth. Use of some other oils has also been seen to be very effective to stimulate hair growth.
One of the simplest home remedy being used from old ages is to apply herbal oils directly to your hair.
Oils like caster, olive, almond and coconut are very effective for growing hair at faster rate and making it look beautiful. You can use these oils separately or make a mixture of them.

E.g. Take caster oil, olive oil and coconut oil in equal amounts and then boil the mixture. Store the mixture after making it cool and keep applying the same way as stated in above.

3. Lemon For Effective Hair Growth

For the effective growth of your hair, you can also make the use of lemon as a simple and cheap home remedy. The best application of lemon for hair is to mix lemon juice with egg or amla juice. Make the the lemon mixture with egg or amla and apply it while taking shower. Wash the hair with that mixture twice a week. Use of this application will also help in reducing hair fall.

4. Rosemary

Use of rosemary is very famous for the common hair problems due to its antiseptic properties. For this its being used in many branded hair care products too. You can use it for your hair problems by boiling died Rosemary into the water for thirty minutes. After letting the liquid cool, wash your hair with it. It can also be used along with apple cider vinegar.

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5. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties and treatments for many skin conditions. Read Benefits and uses of Aloe vera juice for hair.  It is a great herb for the treatment of hair loss too. Its specially used as a conditioner. Aloe vera gel can be applied directly on the scalp. Leave it for sometime like fifteen minutes and then wash with cold water.
Aloe vera gel can be obtained from drug stores or you can take it directly from the plant itself.

6. Fenugreek seed paste

A paste of fenngreek seed can be made by mixing it water. Soak the seeds of fenugreek in water for an overnight. In the morning, grind those soaked seeds along with water and make a paste like material. Apply the paste directly over you hair and then rinse it off after 30 minutes. This home remedy will help you in removing dear skin cells too.

Above mentioned remedies are proven to work for hair growth and hair loss. If you apply them regularly over a period of some time, you will surely get the good results and your hair will be healthier than before.


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