6 Egg Yolk Treatments For Better And Healthy Hair

Egg Yolk is one of the best home ingredient that can be used to solve many of your hair problems. Some excellent at-home hair masks can easily be made by mixing egg yolk with other natural ingredients like hair oils and juices. Lets have a look at some of those homemade egg yolk hair treatments (egg yolk hair masks) which could be of great benefits for your hair.

1. Beaten Egg Yolks Hair Treatment For Hair Loss
In this treatment, just take a separated egg yolk in a bowl and whisk it until it turns into a solution. Now apply the solution on your hair as well as on the scalp leaving it for half an hour. Later on, wash it with cold water. If you are facing normal hair loss, then applying this treatment once a week would be appropriate. You can notice a significant improvement after a few repeated applications of this egg yolk treatment.
2. Egg Yolk Treatment With Castor Oil
Take the egg yolk in a bowl according to your hair length (preferably 2 egg yolks for short hair and 4 egg yolks for long hair) and mix equal quantity of Castor oil into it. Now whisk the mixture thoroughly and apply gently on the damp hair. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse to remove all the mixture.

3. Egg Yolk and Almond Oil
Take one egg yolk in a bowl and add one tbsp of honey, one tbsp of yogurt and half tbsp of almond oil into it. Mix them all till you get a uniform paste like mixture. Apply the mixture gently onto your hair and the scalp leaving for around 90 minutes. Wash it off with cold water afterwards. You will notice instant smoothness and shine in your hair with this treatment. This method works well for people having dull and damaged hair.

4. Egg Yolk And Lemon Juice For Oily And Dandruff Affected Hair
For this method, Take two tbsp of Lemon juice and two egg yolks in a bowl. Mix them well until you obtain a uniform solution. Now apply the solution gently right from the roots to tips of the hair. Leave it there for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This combination will remove the extra oil from your hair making it less sticky. It will also help you to get rd of dandruff.
5. Egg Yolk With White Wine Vinegar
Pour some Wine vinegar into two egg yolks and beat till a smooth, uniform consistency is obtained. Pour the mixture over wet hair and leave for about 30 minutes. Later on rinse with cold water. The egg yolk-white wine combination will impart a wonderful sheen to the hair.

6. Egg Yolk, Yogurt And Lemon Hair Mask
Add four tablespoons of yogurt and one teaspoon of lemon into two egg yolks. Whisk well and then apply the mixture to moistened hair. Wash after half an hour and shampoo. Your hair will feel smooth and look lustrous.

The above-mentioned egg yolk treatments were just a few of the many egg yolk hair treatments. Egg yolks are capable of doing in combination with other ingredients. You can add or subtract ingredients and prepare your own egg yolk hair treatment too.


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