5 Home Remedies To Cover Up Grey Hair Without Using Hair Dye

home remedies for grey hair

Grey hair is one of the biggest problem for many people. It in-fact can make your life really stressful and badly affect your self esteem. After reaching forty, your hair naturally begins to turn Grey from black. But the situation goes wrong when you see Grey hair at an early age.

The reasons behind the premature grey hair could be many. It can be your heredity, hormonal problem, bad lifestyle habits, lack of nutrients in the body, health issues or even the environment you are living in.

Whatever the problem is, you need to cover up your grey hair in order to get your confidence back. One way of doing so is the use of hair dye.

You know that most of the dyes you get in the market contain chemicals, which along with covering your grey hair lower the quality of hair and create other hair problems like roughness and dryness.

Fortunately, there is a way to replace those hair dyes with grey hair covering home remedies.

Use of home remedies is always a preferred option. You need not to pay much on hair dyes and can save your hair from the side effects of chemicals.

Here in this article, we are going to write about the top 5 most effective home remedies that will help you to cover up grey hair without using hair dye.

Curry Leaves + Coconut Oil

Curry leaves plus coconut oil is one of the most popular hair treatment. It also enables you to cover up your grey hair.

You Need

½ Cup Curry Leaves

¾ Cup Coconut Oil

Take both the items and boil for sometime so that the oil begin to turn black. Now strain the oil and apply it all over your hair. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with any herbal shampoo. This will also improve the hair growth and the quality of your hair.

Henna +Coffee

One of the most effective way to cover your grey hair without use of hair dye is the combination of henna and coffee.

You Need

½ Cup Henna

1 Teaspoon Coffee

Water (The required amount to make the paste)

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients well to get a thick paste. Once the paste is ready, apply it on hair properly leaving for 30 minutes. Rinse with gentle shampoo.

It will blacken your hair and also make it shiny and silky.

Indian Gooseberry + Coconut Oil

Gooseberry or amla has been is use for hair care for centuries. Its nutrients help the hair to grow at faster rate and makes it strong and shiny. Combining it with coconut oil will help you to have control over your grey hair too.

2 Pieces of Fresh Gooseberries

½ Cup Coconut Oil

Boil the gooseberries in coconut oil till it begins to turn black. Then strain the mixture and apply the oil on hair as well as scalp. Rinse with mild shampoo after an hour.

Sage Leaves

Sage leaves have the power to prevent the grey hair. It naturally can reverse the grey hair problem.

You Need

Handful of Sage Leaves

1 Cup of Water

Boil handful of sage leaves in a cup of water till it turns black. Now apply this on your hair after straining. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo.

Henna + Mustard Oil

The combination of henna and mustard oil is also effective in speeding up the hair growth. It covers your grey hair and gives your hair a shiny and beautiful look.

You Need

½ Cup Henna Powder

3 Teaspoon Mustard Oil

Water ( The quantity should be enough to make a paste)

Take the needed items in a bowl and mix thoroughly to get uniform paste. Apply this properly over the entire length of hair leaving for an hour. Rinse with shampoo.

All these are natural remedies which not only cover the grey hair, but also help your hair in one way or other. Go with any of the remedy and stick to it for sometime to see how its working for you.


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