5 Foods That Help To Enhance Hair Growth

Stimulating the hair growth by eating the healthy foods is one the safe and natural way to get beautiful and healthy hair. Today Everyone (Including Men and Women) wish to have long, thick and beautiful hair. Its a fashion these days to make different kind of hair style for the sake of personal beauty and impress others with such lovely and attractive Hair Styles. But do you know that to adopt such beautiful fashions, you must have long, thick and strong hair in first. Having a strong and growing hair is not too difficult job these days as there have been discovered many natural and non natural ways which help to grow hair fast. Natural ways to grow healthy hair include massaging the hair with essential oils, applications of homemade hair mask recipes, change in the lifestyle and eating the right foods that contribute to proper hair growth.

Hair is made up of protein along with some other minerals like phosphorous and vitamins. Eating the foods rich in protein and vitamins is the best way to stimulate hair growth and keeping the hair healthy. Here you will read about the five necessary foods that are very necessary in terms of faster and stronger hair growth.

1.Green and Dark Vegetables
Green and dark vegetables are the best sources of Vitamin A and C. These two vitamins play a very important role in hair regrowth by producing an important material “Sebum” in the sebaceous glands of hair follicles. The main vegetables that are rich in vitamin A and C are the spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard etc. these foods will make your hair strong and condition it internally

2. Nuts Do The Trick As Well
Because of the presence of various minerals and vitamins, nuts also play a crucial role in hair regrowth. Almonds are the rich source of Vitamin E and iron which are very necessary to stimulate the hair growth. Iron is known to produce more blood in the body and Vitamin E help to control blood flow. Thus they both help to nourish the cells of the scalp well, which is the key to healthy hair growth. Other nuts like walnuts are the rich source of omega-3 and selenium which stimulate hair growth in their own ways. Cashews and pecans contain high concentration of zinc which help in synthesis of protein and absorption of Vitamins.

3. Seafood
If you love to eat seafood and fish, then you must know that they are going to help you in growing hair properly. This is because the fish specially the Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acid, hair protein and vitamin B12. All these nutrients provide adequate nourishment to the scalp cells and roots of hair. Other fish like; mackerel, catfish, sardines, herring and tuna are rich in vitamin D which reduces hair loss through its conditioning properties. Oysters and shells are excellent sources of the antioxidant, zinc.

4. Protein Rich Meat
Beef, turkey and poultry such as chicken and eggs are the rich source of protein and vitamin B12. Vitamin B 12 help to produce red blood ells and improves the blood circulation to the scalp nourishing the scalp cells very well. Thus it helps to grow healthy hair on the healthy scalp.

5. Diary Products
Consuming dairy foods like cow’s milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and butter can provide you with calcium, proteins and vitamin B. These nutrients build the hair follicles and strengthen the roots of the hair, thus reduce the hair loss and making the existing hair healthy and strong. They also contain high amount of biotin and pantothenic acid which are important factors in hair growth.

By consuming these foods you will not only regrow your hair, but achieve healthy and beautiful looking hair. A nutritious diet containing these foods will improve your overall body health. So, make sure you keep your diet and lifestyle appropriate so that you won’t have to suffer too much hair loss.



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