5 Common Causes Of Dry And Brttle Hair

Dry and brittle hair doesn’t have the sheen and the texture like the normal and healthy hair does. The main problem with such a Hair is that it easily gets damaged and broken down. There could be many factors which play their role in making your hair dry and brittle. Some of the common causes of brittle hair are explained in detail bellow.

1. Excessive Hair Wash
Washing your hair with shampoos containing hard chemicals excessively could be one of the most common cause of your brittle hair condition. Frequent Hair wash strip away the natural moisture and luster from your hair. Most hair experts suggest that you should not wash your hair more than twice or thrice a week. It is also advisable to make use of some good quality herbal and mild shampoo to wash your hair. Buy some good conditioner for hair massage which can work as good remedy to prevent your hair from getting brittle and dry.

2. Use of Styling Products
When you use styling products like flat irons, perms and relaxers frequently, it can lead to brittle and dry hair. The hair remains exposed to excess heat when you use these products resulting in the lifeless hair.. Your hair can also get burnt due to the use of flat irons. So It is strictly advisable that you may use such products only when needed necessarily.

3. Atmospheric Conditions
Your climate could be one of the cause for your brittle and dry hair. If you live in a place with high intensity of sun light and low humidity, your hair may become dry and get damaged in the end. Extreme wind or sunlight or the chlorine in the water can do tons of damage to your hair, causing it to lose nutrients and become brittle. To cope with such situations, you should wear hat or scarf on regular basis. This way you will be able to prevent your hair from the damage caused by environmental factors.

4. Poor Nutrition
Poor Nutrition or you can even say Malnutrition is also the cause which make your hair brittle and dry. Absence of essential nutrients necessary to maintain healthy hair may result in dull and lifeless hair. Your diet should be rich in minerals and vitamins. Lack of Iodine, vitamin B and copper in the diet is one of the key causes for dry hair. A healthy and balanced diet containing omega-3 essential fatty acids found in salmon and fish oil, walnuts and flax-seed is essential for retaining the moisture of the hair.

5. Medical Conditions
The factors mentioned above aren’t the only culprits behind your dry and brittle hair. You hair may even get dry and brittle due to any medical or health problem. There are some medical conditions like Trichorrhexis Nodosa, Hypothyroidism and Hypoparathyroidism which also can trigger hair loss and damage your hair.

If you are constantly plagued with problems of dry hair, then try to fix your problem by moisturizing and conditioning your hair. You can use olive and other essential oils or just get a great leave-in conditioner for your hair. Wash your hair every other day and never comb when its still wet. A balanced diet which is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and plenty of water, can also help to restore the shine of your locks.


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