4 Ways To Use Honey And Olive Oil Hair Mask To Solve Hair Problems

Do you know that Olive oil and honey could be used to solve many of your hair problems. The combination of the two looks a bit weird at first but when combined and applied on the hair, they can do wonders for all types of hair. Olive oil is very popular for its moisturizing properties for dry, frizzy and damaged hair, while the honey also posses the same benefits. Olive Oil and Honey Hair mask works perfect for normal to dry hair and will help you to treat your dandruff, split ends and other hair problems quite easily. Its regular applications will give your hair a natural thickness and shine.

Now when you know the benefits of this mask, its time to know How to us this Olive oil and honey hair mask to solve your those hair problems. There are a number of combinations in which olive oil and honey can be used to solve specific hair related problems. Here we are going to discuss some popular combinations that are easy and flexible to try at the comfort of home.

1. Simple Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask
This is the simplest form of olive oil and honey combination for hair. All you need is to take just olive oil, honey and a bowl. For a normal length of the hair i-e up-to the shoulders, mix two tbsp of honey with 3 tbsp of olive oil in the bowl. ( take more if you have long hair ). Mix it well to get a uniform texture and apply on the wet hair. Apply the mixture thoroughly on the entire length of the hair and then tie the hair in a bun. Keep the mask there for around 45 minutes and then wash with the cold water. Shampoo and condition the hair as usual.

2. Olive Oil And Honey Combination With The Egg Yolk
If you are suffering from dandruff and want your hair to get thickness and extra shin, then the best combination of olive oil and honey would with be with an Egg yolk. You just take the same ratio of olive oil and honey as described above and then put an egg yolk into it. Mix it well and apply onto the entire hair length. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash with water. Shampoo and condition as usual. If your hair smell due to the egg, You can have a rose water rinse.

3. Olive Oil An Honey Combination With The Lemon Juice
Lemon too works well to remove dandruff and extra oil from your hair. Just mix one tbsp of lemon juice in the above mentioned quantities of the olive oil and honey and mix well. Apply the same on the entire length. If you have severe problem of dandruff, then keep this mask on your hair for around an hour. This will remove the dandruff and extra oil from your hair. Thus it will also work well for oily hair.

4. Olive Oil And Honey Combination With The Cinnamon
This type of combination is ideal for the people suffering from hair fall as the cinnamon is well known in controlling hair fall problem. Mix two tbsp of honey with three tbsp of olive oil and one tbsp of cinnamon powder. Mix it well to get a thick paste and apply it on the length of the hair. Keep it for 45 minutes and wash. Shampoo and condition as you normally do.

You have read some of the best applications of olive oil and honey hair mask for your hair. When you know how to use olive oil and honey hair mask, its time to get it done practically. You will not see the 100% results in a single application. You will have to make a plan to use it regularly to get proper and long lasting results. These all are the natural ingredients and mostly do not cause any harmful side effects so you can go safe with them. If you don’t have time from your busy schedule, then it is advisable to apply it once in a week to get satisfactory results.


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