4 Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Keratin hair treatment, also commonly known as Brazilian hair treatment is meant to straighten the hair and rule out the frizz. Its the semi-permanent hair straightening method which results in smooth and and soft hair. Its quite common these days as the results got from this treatment can last for two months and is suitable for almost all types of hair.

Keratin treatment normally involves the application of a keratin solution to freshly blow-dried, shampooed hair. The solution is then allowed to soak in for some time like around 20 minutes, after which a straightening iron heated to up to 4500 is used for the product to penetrate in the hair shaft. The chemicals contained in the solution work by altering the structure of the hair, giving it a smoother, straighter, frizz-free appearance; while the keratin strengthens and conditions the hair

Keratin hair treatments not only provide the desired and beneficial results but it also brings many harmful side effects. Some of the common side-effects that have been reported are as follows.

1. Risk of Cancer
The active ingredient in hair straighteners is usually formaldehyde, which is a known irritant and carcinogen, but is required to dissolve the chemical bonds in hair and restructure them. It also gives the straighteners a lasting effect. The low levels used in most cosmetics are not generally considered harmful. However, the high temperature of the hot-iron used in the treatment combined with the keratin solution can produce formaldehyde fumes, which are much more damaging and increase the risk of developing cancer. Other effects of these fumes include redness or burning sensation in the eyes, sneezing, dermatitis and allergic reactions.

2. Increased Hair Fall
The other common side-effect that people using keratin treatment have reported is the Increased level of hair fall. In some cases people have experienced the thinning hair and while in most severe cases people have also started to notice bald patches on their scalp. The exact reason behind this sudden hair fall is still unknown, but it is believed that it occurs due to the high temperature of iron or the improper handling of the equipment during processing the keratin hair treatment which leads to the damaged hair follicles.

3. Damaged Hair
No doubt Keratin Hair treatment gives a fabulous and gleaming texture to the hair, but in some cases It also makes the hair dry, which ultimately gets damaged within few washes of the treatment. It all happens due to the kind of solution used, iron temperature and the natural texture of your hair. some people have reported gorgeous, frizz-free hair even after 6-8 months, while others complain that the hair is worst than before and gets damaged just after the month of the treatment. The culprit here is likely to be the high temperature of the hot-iron, which damages the hair and cause breakage.
4. Allergic Reactions
This treatment, although claiming to be natural, contains strong chemicals such as formaldehyde and other aldehydes; and may cause allergy-like symptoms like dry, itchy skin; dermatitis or eczema. If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist before undergoing this treatment.

One thing to keep in mind is that in some treatments you don’t have to distrube your hair in any way. For 2-3 days. No washes, no ponytails, no hair clips and you even don’t have to use any kind other accessories. After the period recommended by your hairdresser, you can wash the hair with the specified shampoo to see the results; but you do have to spend a few days with greasy, plain hair, lest you ‘dent’ them. But, if waiting is not possible for you, look for salons that offer ‘no-wait’ keratin treatments – they are equally effective.



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