4 Important Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Your Hair

If you want to have beautiful and flawless tresses, then you will have to take great care of your hair. To do so, you can find many hair care products in the market. But besides the benefits you are looking for, these products also bring harmful side effects with them. So as an alternative to market products, you can use some natural and homemade remedies which have very low chances of side effects. For this you can use curry leaves as a natural and homemade hair care ingredient that can make your hair shin and beautiful. Here are some benefits of curry leaves for hair which are explained in a bit detail.

1. Helps To Prevent Premature Hair Graying
There are a number of causes due to which hair undergoes premature graying. Some of the most common causes are the genetics, stress, malnutrition and bad habits like use of alcohol and smoking. Curry leaves are rich source of Vitamin B, which help to restore the hair color by nourishing and strengthening the roots. It helps to grow new hair roots having stronger and healthier pigments which results in black and radiant hair.

2. Repairs Damaged Hair Follicles
The hair follicles get clogged due to the use of styling products or pollution, which ultimately cause damaged hair or the complete hair loss. The nutrients in the curry leaves helps in such situation by strengthening the hair follicles. It restores the follicles’ strength and help them to easily breathe.

3. Stops Hair Loss And Hair Thinning
Bad lifestyles, climate, lack of proper hair care and some combing techniques can be the causes of hair loss. In this condition too, curry leaves can help you. It is rich source of Protein and Beta-carotene. Protein helps in hair thinning while beta-carotene prevents hair fall. The anti-oxidans and amino acids present in the curry leaves also help for the same. Amino acids help in hair loss while anti-oxidants moisturizes the scalp and remove the dead follicles from the scalp.

4. Strengthens Hair Shaft
Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine in the curry leaves work as the hormone regulators of hair loss. High in nutritional values, curry leaves strengthens your hair shaft and hair roots. Curry leaves are too good for your digestive system, hence, removing many hair problems from their root cause.

These were the 4 benefits that you can expect from the application of curry leaves on your hair. You can use curry leaves om your hair in many ways. These days you can even find hair care products containing curry leaves as a main ingredient. If you want to use curry leaves for hair at your home. Then, the common application is to boil curry leaves in coconut oil. Apply this boiled oil on your hair regularly for a quite some time. The repeat application will give you the desired results in no time.


  • how do you apply this curry leaves to your hair?
    do you mix it in your shampoo?

  • do you mix it in your shampoo?

  • How to use curry leaves

  • Such a helpful page .big thanks.

  • How to apply curry leaves .

  • Sruthi Yeshwanth Kumar

    October 4, 2014 at 6:10 am

    Make a paste of 1/2 cup or 200g of curry leaves. Then add the paste to coconut oil and boil for some time (15 to 20 min in medium flame ). Allow it to cool naturally and then filter it. Now use the oil regularly for best results.

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