4 Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Treatments For Better Hair Care

Why pay hundreds of dollars on commercial hair care products, when you have effective natural ingredients available in your kitchen. Yes, natural ingredients are far better at taking care of your hair than those commercial products sold in the fancy super stores. There are many veggies, fruits and oils to be used for hair care, but the use of mayonnaise on the hair has its own significance when dealing with dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

The use of mayonnaise is inexpensive and very effective in dealing with the dry, flaky and broken hair. Mayonnaise has the ability to condition the hair deeply and makes it soft, shiny and strong. There are many ways of using mayonnaise for hair benefits. Here is the detail of the 4 mayonnaise hair treatments that you can apply to manage your dry and frizzy hair in better way.

1. Mayonnaise And Egg Hair Mask
Mayonnaise along with the egg will help you to moisturize and condition your hair properly. To make this mask, Take 1 cup of mayonnaise in a bowl and add 3 egg yolks in it. Mix them thoroughly and apply carefully from the roots to the ends of the hair. Cover your head with shower cap and Let it remain there for 30 minutes and then wash of with cold water. Don’t use shampoo to get rid of the egg smell. Just rinse and shampoo the hair next day.

2. Mayonnaise And Olive Oil Hair Mask
Mayonnaise and olive oil combination is very effective in curing dry and damaged hair, In a bowl, pour a cup of mayonnaise and add 2 tbsp of olive oil. Mix them well and then 1 egg yolk to this. Now whisk it well and apply on your hair. Wear shower cap and leave for half an hour. Wash the hair afterwords as stated in the above mentioned recipe.

3. Mayonnaise And Avocado Hair Mask
In a bowl, take ½ ripe avocado and mash it well. Now add a cup of mayonnaise to it and mix well. Apply the mixture properly on your hair, specially the areas with split ends and extra dryness. Now wrap your head with plastic cover and leave for half an hour. Wash off your hair with cold water and let it get dry naturally. This treatment will work to cure split ends and make your hair soft and smooth.

4. Mayonnaise And Vinegar Rinse For Killing Head Lice
In this method, first, you have to apply just mayonnaise directly on your hair. Apply around 4 tbsp of mayonnaise to your hair and cover your head tightly with shower cap leaving it for 2-3 hours. Now shampoo and condition your hair as you normally do.

Once you are done with it, Mix the vinegar and almond oil in equal quantities and apply it on your hair After 30 minutes, rinse your hair again. This will remove the lice from your hair and give your hair a lie free life.

Mayonnaise conditions, moisturizes and promotes new hair regrowth. Its ideal for dry hair. If you have dry, damaged, frizzy and spit ends, then applying any of the above mayonnaise hair treatments will do a good job for you. Remember, consistency is the key to success in it, so repeat these treatments quite often (twice a week) will produce good results.


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