4 Homemade Hair Packs that Make Your Hair Strong And Healthy

If you are in a search for remedies that can make your hair strong and healthy. Then don’t look beyond these DIY homemade hair packs. Oiling, massaging, shampooing and conditioning are not the only ways to healthy look of your hair, but it also needs extra nourishment. Use of hair packs is the option that can fulfill the needs of a healthy and strong hair.

A hair pack or the mask has the ability to deeply condition your hair and moisturize it from the roots. Within few application of hair masks, you can see noticeable improvement in your hair texture. Hair packs also repair the hair damaged due to the pollution, sun exposure, use of chemicals and Styling tools. Here are the 4 hair masks that will help you make your hair healthy and strong in no time.

1. Egg And Olive Oil Hair Pack

To make this hair pack, you will have to break two eggs in a bowl and then add 1/2 cup of Olive oil to this. In order to apply on your hair, stir the mixture well so that you get a uniform consistency. Once you have made this paste, Its ready to be applied.

Now apply this homemade mask with the help of a flat brush. Remember to apply this from roots to the tips section by section. Once your hair is properly coated with the paste, tie it up and wrap a shower cap around your head. Wait for 45 minutes and then wash with cold water. If you find it difficult to rinse, then shampoo and condition as usual.

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2. Egg. Lemon, And Yogurt Hair Pack

This second hair pack also contain egg along with other ingredients lemon and yogurt. The items you need for this are 1 egg, 1 lemon and 1 cup of yogurt.

To prepare this mask, in a cup of yogurt add an egg and then squeeze the juice of a lemon in it. Now mix it thoroughly to form a paste like material. When the paste is ready. Apply over your hair the same way as stated above. Leave for 45 minutes and then shampoo. This hair pack will deeply moisturize your hair and help you to get rid of many scalp conditions like dandruff, lice and fungus.

3. Banana Hair Pack

Banana hair pack is very popular to repair dry and damaged hair. If your hair is rough and Damaged due to the use chemicals and styling tools, then banana hair pack will be ideal for you.

For banana pack, you need one banana and 5-7 drops of almond oil. First mash a banana thoroughly and add.5-7 drops of almond oil to this. Apply it on your hair properly and then leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with mild shampoo and condition as usual.

4. Henna and Yogurt Hair Pack

This hair pack can dry out your hair so don’t forget to massage your hair with an oil before the application of this pack. Put some henna a bowl according to your hair density and add 1/4 a cup of yogurt. You can add juice of a Lemon if you want to add some shine.

Mix all ingredients well and apply to the entire length of hair from roots to the tips. Tie your hair up and wrap a shower cap around head. Leave for 30 minutes and then just rinse with cold water. Next day shampoo your hair and apply good quality Conditioner.

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All these masks are moisturizing and nourishing. They will give your hair extra shin and strength. Within few applications of the masks, you will feel thickness and bouncy look in the hair. If you have been trying to find such remedies for a while, then go and try out these masks. We will be happy to receive your feedback about the hair packs in the comments bellow.


  • I want shining & silky hair
    U give me some homemade tips. After pregnancy my hair too much falling..

  • my hair is damage.how I take care my hair

  • My mom was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Once leaving she must spend an additional 2 weeks in rehab. Consequently her hair became seriously matted. Does anyone know if there is anything “naturally” that will help with this dilemma? Once the matting is undone and we need to hot curl the (short) hair, what is a good serum to use to prevent more breakage? Should we use a satin pillow case or bonnet. All answers are greatly appreciated.

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