3 Key Benefits of Vinegar For Your Hair

Have you ever applied vinegar on your hair? What can you expect from the use of vinegar in terms of benefits for your hair? Vinegar is acidic in nature. Do you really think it could be beneficial for your hair?

If you have been in doubt about the application of vinegar hair benefits, then you must assure yourself that “Yes”, Vinegar is beneficial for your hair. It is because of the fact that your hair too is slightly acidic in nature.

The normal pH Balance of hair is in between 4.5 and 5.5 which is mostly disturbed when you apply hair care products that tend to be of alkaline nature. Vinegar is the natural ingredients that comes very handy to restore the normal pH balance of the hair.

Rinsing with vinegar or apple cider vinegar not only restores the pH Level but also help to remove any product build-up making the hair and scalp neat and clean. Vinegar rinse makes your hair shiny and treats many scalp infections quite effectively.

Here are the 3 common benefits of vinegar for hair when applied in the right way.

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1. Vinegar Is Ideal For Healthy Scalp

As already said above that vinegar cleans up all the product build-up left as a result of use of chemicals and hair dyes keeping the scalp healthy.

If you are experiencing irritating or itchy scalp, then you need to rinse your scalp with the mixture of ½ cup of vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. This solution should be applied when you are done with shampooing. Keep it for 30 minutes and don’t shampoo again after the vinegar rinse.

This will remove all the dirt and other ingredients from your scalp making it clean and stronger. It will relieve you from itchiness and irritation. For the best results, apply this once or twice a week.

2. Vinegar Makes Your Hair Shiny And Gorgeous Looking

Vinegar is very effective in making your hair look shiny and beautiful by maintaining its natural pH Level. It helps to remove tangles easily.

Vinegar may lead to extra dryness for the people with dry hair, so it is always a good advice to use vinegar only after shampooing and conditioning. For normal vinegar rinse, take water and vinegar in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. It will give extra shin and prevent hair loss at the same time.

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3. Vinegar Is Helpful In Treating Dandruff

Like product build-up, vinegar also removes dandruff and other fungal infections off the scalp. Vinegar contain acetic acid that wash away the dandruff completely withing few rinses. It has worked for many people who were sick of using too many anti-dandruff products which never worked for them.

To use it for dandruff, take warm water and vinegar in 2:1 ratio. Apply this solution after shampooing and leave for 30 minutes. After waiting for stated period of time, wash your hair only with plain water. You will notice that it is highly effective against dandruff as compared to other well-known anti-dandruff brands.

Vinegar has been in use for hair care for centuries and its still being used for the same purpose. Whether you are looking for shiny hair or in search for remedies for your dandruff and hair loss, vinegar could be a great choice for most of your hair problems.


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