3 Important Benefits Of Neem Oil For Your Hair

Neem tree, botanically known as Azadirachta indica is native to many Asian regions. Due to its healing and medicinal properties, it has been mentioned in several ancient Ayurvedic and chinese medicinal texts.

Neem tree is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and that’s the reason that for centuries its being used to treat many skin and hair problems. People with hair problems like dandruff, head lice and slow hair growth are often recommended to use neem oil to solve their problem.

Neem oil is obtained from the fruits and kernel (seeds) of neem tree either through pressing or by solvent extraction. It is light brown in color that has a strong bitter odor.

Due to its amazing properties, Neem oil is being used in the manufacturing of many medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, household products, and farming products such as fertilizers, pesticides, germicides, and organic compost.

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Here we are going to discuss three top benefits of neem oil that it provides for hair.

1. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

When applied on hair and scalp, Neem oil improves the blood circulation making the scalp well lubricated. It prevents dryness which is the most common cause of weak, brittle, and damaged hair. Weak hair also turns gray prematurely.

Regular massage with neem oil will stop hair fall and hair thinning. It will encourage strong and healthy hair growth. For faster and best results, leave it on your hair overnight and shampoo in the morning.

2. Neem Oil For Dandruff

Dandruff is actually the shedding of dead skin cells of the scalp that can easily be treated through a number of treatments. One of such treatment is hot oil treatment. Anti-fungal properties of neem oil make it very effective in treating dandruff.

Beside this, Neem oil will work as a quality moisturizer for dry and itchy scalp. To use neem oil as a hot oil treatment, mix neem oil with any mild oil in same ratio and make it warm. Apply this overnight and shampoo the next morning.

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3. For Killing Head Lice

Head lice is a common problem mostly in school going kids which can easily spread to the rest of family too. If not treated on time, head lice can cause severe damaged to the health of scalp.

Neem oil contains some substances which work quite similarly the way insect hormones do. Neem oil disrupts the breeding of Head lice. After application of neem oil, wash your hair and comb with wide teeth comb and the head lice will fall out.

For greater results, use neem oil once or twice a week. It will remove dandruff, kill lice and promote healthy hair growth.


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