3 Essential Oils That Prevent Hair Breakage And Stop Hair Fall

If you are tired of using too many cosmetic products to treat your hair breakage and hair fall, then its time to look for a change. One way to solve your problem is by using essential oils. Essential oils are rich in healing properties and are proven to solve many hair problems like hair loss, slow hair growth, split ends, dry scalp and dandruff etc.

Essential oils are extracted from natural herbs and can be used on hair either in pure form or mixed with other herbal oils. Due to many factors, today many people suffer from hair loss and hair breakage. It has been noticed in many studies that most of the hair problems are because of poor blood circulation in the scalp and the lack of essential minerals and vitamins which ultimately results in the weak hair roots.

Use of essential oils for the hair solve both of these problems quite cleverly. These oils are rich in minerals and vitamins and when massaged on scalp, they also improve the blood circulation. Here in this post you will read about three essential oils that are very good at preventing hair breakage and curing hair loss.

1. Jojoba Oil

You can call the jojoba oil a blessing by the nature. Yes, it really is. Jojoba oil is very effective in treating hair loss and strengthening the hair roots. The chemical structure of jojoba oil is quite similar to that of sebum which is naturally produced by our body. That’s why, jojoba oil is very effective in maintaining the oil balance of the scalp.

This oil is lighter and is easily absorbed by the scalp. You can apply this directly on your hair and scalp without mixing with any carrier oil. If your hair is broken and splitted at the ends then head massage with jojoba oil every alternate day will do a very good job for you. Jojoba oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and moisturizes hair follicles making then stronger and healthier.

Although it can be applied alone but if you want to mix it with other oils then following combination will give you the extra ordinary results

Jojoba oil, 10 drops
Coconut oil, 3 drops
Rosemary oil, 4 drops
Castor oil, 5 drops

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is full of ingredients that are needed for hair growth and keeping the hair strong and healthy. It regulates the blood flow to the follicles which results in the improved hair growth and stronger hair roots.
Lavender oil is not only good for hair growth, but its also very effective in treating dandruff and lice which are the main cause of hair fall in most people. If you are loosing your hair due to the lack of sleep and load of stress then go for lavender oil head massage because this oil has the capability of inducing sleep and giving relief from stress.

Most of the hair masks are prepared with lavender oil because of its potential in controlling the hair damage. The ideal combination of lavender oil for hair is as follows

Lavender oil, 10 drops
Almond oil, 5 drops
Chamomile oil, 4 drops
Grape seed oil, 4 drops

3. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is yet another oil that is very effective in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. It strengthens the hair roots and thereby prevent hair from breakage.

The important elements in the rosemary oil are caffiec acid and rosmarinic acid which play very important role to enhance the volume of your hair. This oil is ideal for dry and itchy scalp. It has soothing effect which will soothen your scalp and relive from itching. You can give your head a hot oil treatment containing rosemary oil as a key oil. Following is the mixture that will work very good for this. Warm a bit the mixture and then massage and leave for few hours before washing.

Rosemary oil, 10 drops
Tea tree oil, 4 drops
Jojoba oil, 2 drops

All these three oils are of great help for your hair and scalp. When you are massaging, make it sure that you are penetrating it deep into the hair roots with the help of fingertips. It is advisable to make the oil a little bit warmer. When done with massage, wrap your head with hot towel for around one hour. If followed this treatment regularly for some time, you are bound to have healthy, thick and beautiful hair in no time.


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